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A quick and simple game that teaches the ancient history of the Fertile Crescent

For four or more players. Our most popular free game, translated into four languages.

by Garry Stevens PhD

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Download Mesopotamia: Birth of Civilisation for free!

What the game is about

Mesopotamia follows the rise and fall of twenty nations from the Sumerians to the Persians over two thousand years of history. It purloins freely from those wonderful classic games Civilisation, History of the World (HOTW), and Ancient Conquests, to which I owe a huge debt. The game is more historical than Civilisation, but less world-encompassing than History of the World . The basic system is that of History of the World, but with one very significant difference.

Who might be interested

Mesopotamia is a very simple game. This is not really a game for hardcore gamers (grognards). That said, I think it has several things to commend it:

Other games

If you want a much more sophisticated game, I have two suggestions. First, I suggest you try out the shareware game Ancient Empires from Mr Steven Mathers.

Second, an emailer pointed me to a game whose existence I was unaware of, Chariot Lords. I have since taken a look at the map on their website, and read a review. I don't want to be accused of purloining ideas from an in-print and recent game, so I won't be looking further at Chariot Lords, which is, by all accounts, a fine game. As far as I can gather, Mesopotamia is much more like HOTW than Chariot Lords, and has simpler mechanisms. And, of course, Mesopotamia is free. I hope all will be valued additions to your collections.