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How to Get the Games

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These games are not computer games. You must download the various files and print them out. These games have been progressively available since 2000! They are updated or changed continuously in response to suggestions, rethinks, or the kind efforts of those providing free translations.

Got a question? We love hearing your suggestions for improvement and queries. Email us at the address you can see at right. We change this address periodically as an anti-spam measure. You can always get the current address from this page. Happy gaming!

How to download the games

You can download the files you need by using the links. Right-click and choose 'Save Target As' (IE) or 'Save Link As' (Firefox) to get each file.

The game boards are designed for A1 size paper stock (841mm by 594mm). You can print them out at your local print shop for about $US 25. Game boards in languages other than English are intended for A4 stock.

The games you can get from here

Henry VIII

Current release: January 2006.

You need these files:

Bloody Mary

Current release: September 2011.

You need these files:

  • contains all the cards, markers, and rules (6.5 MB). Greatly improved images for cards. Latest rules.
  • A one sheet board in A1 paper size (600 KB).

German language version

Thanks to the work of Mr Markus Geissmann, you can download a German language version of the cards and board (1.6 MB).

French language version

Thanks to Florent Coupeau! Download these three files:


Current release: May 2009.

1. Everybody needs these files:

Dutch language version of the cards

Thanks to Mr Theo van Eijden, Dutch speakers can now get the People cards in their language from here (1.3 MB).

Japanese language version of the rules

Many thanks to Mr Takamura, Japanese speakers can now get the rules from here.

Italian language version of the rules and cards

Many thanks to the heroic and entirely unpaid efforts of Mr Sergio Attonito, Italian speakers can now get:

French language version of all components

Once again, thanks to Florent Coupeau for his efforts. Download these three files:

Richard III

Abandoned after a decade of desultry development. Instead, pick up a copy of GMT Games' Crown of Roses.

Using the files

The files are supplied in a standard zip format. Unless your computer was bought when Queen Victoria was a girl, you should be able to open the files readily.